I’m sure some people may look at me and think: “what the hell does she ever have to bitch about?” Well I have taken the phrase Fake it till you Make it to a whole new level. Yes I have it good…I do. I have a good husband, an amazing daughter, we own a beautiful home, and I look very healthy on the outside. No one would know how much I suffer on the inside. I have had chronic pain for roughly fifteen years and am finally at a point where I feel comfortable sharing my story to others because I really want to share my life with chronic pain. Throughout this blog there will be some things that may shock you but I hope to inspire people more than anything else. I am finally living a life without any medication for pain and know how to do it successfully. I hope to give others hope that you can do it too. I’m not going to bs anything. Full at times heartbreaking honesty is going to pour out of me. My life is anything like perfect. I struggle every day and anyone with chronic pain knows what it is like. Oddly at 32 years old I can honestly say I am blessed that I was given chronic pain. I wouldn’t be who I am without it.


Life looks pretty “perfect” here right???


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