What is Chronic Pain?

To those who do not live with chronic pain it is a very difficult concept to grasp. This is a picture of my daughter kissing my ankle when I twisted it running. The pain lasted two days and was nothing a little tlc and ice couldn’t solve.
Chronic pain is the exact opposite. It never goes away. Imagine having the worst headache or stomach ache of your life that lasted every second of every day. That is what chronic pain is.
When I used to take pain medication the pain would subside and that was all well and good until I was taking an extreme amount of pain medicine to get the same result. Then you have to deal with side affects of medication and you kind of lose yourself.
With chronic pain there are difficult days and not so difficult days. I will never say to my husband “Oh my God I am in so much pain today hunny.” That is not going to help anything. It will only draw more attention to the pain and the more you think or talk about something the worse it is. He may be able to tell when I am having a difficult day because I may be moody or just downright emotional about everything. It gets frustrating as hell living in constant pain! But I try as hard as I can to distract myself. I woke up this morning with a fear I was going to have a difficult day because my first thought when I woke up was pain. So as soon as my daughter woke up we got outside began walking and listening to music. Eventually I was wrapped up in a Pink song and running. Got home, made a juice and some breakfast for Kayci. I started to forget about the pain. And as I am writing this I hear my daughter and my husband both calling me. Distraction number four for the day.


What is Chronic Pain?


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