Don't Ever Lose your Sense of Humor

Some days, such as today when nothing goes right I need to laugh. Cranky is an understatement for my daughter’s mood today, no one in this house slept well last night, and my husband is driving me nuts. I have let my stress level overwhelm me which in turn makes the chronic pain fly through the roof. Its a vicious cycle. I’m going to break this cycle and just start to laugh shit off. Screw the laundry, screw the overloading dishwasher, and screw anyone who gets upset with me for not responding to their phone calls today.
Some days with chronic pain or just life in general even if you are healthy as can be you, just have to say screw it. Take care of yourself and let the little things go. I was beating myself up for letting so many things get to me today but gonna turn this ship around. As I type this I watch my daughter throw a bean across the kitchen from her high chair. I laughed. I may join her….that’s where I’m at.
Remember at any moment of the day, you can start the day over.


Don’t Ever Lose your Sense of Humor


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