One does not have to have chronic pain to have difficult days: difficult days are what makes us grateful for the good days. A few months ago I started a gratitude journal. Every day, no matter my pain level or my anxiety level or how crappy things seemed to be I wrote down five things I was grateful for. Some days I felt I could write a lot more than five things and some days I wrote simple things I take for granted like: my home, the health of my daughter and husband, or even just having food in my cabinets. No matter how bad a day is, chronic pain or no chronic pain we can all find five things to be grateful for. If you are unable to watch the news for ten minutes lol (that’s always uplifting….kidding)

I haven’t written in my gratitude journal for over a week and thought about it today. Think it was actually making me stop taking so many things for granted. If I blog about it I have to do it. So this is a mild selfish post. Have to practice what I preach.

Start a gratitude journal (it takes a few minutes a day) Do it for a month, see what happens.




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