“I believe you” are the three most powerful words in my opinion you can say to someone with an invisible illness be it chronic pain, anxiety, or depression. I used to wish my head remained shaved so that people could see the scar on my scalp to know I wasn’t making things up as I look perfectly fine on the outside. Turns out I really love my hair lol.
I chose to not be on medication because it was a downward spiral for me. If I was reading this blog while I was taking medicine I would probably turn my head and say screw this, I already feel bad enough I do not need this chick telling me how “great” she is doing without medicine. First off, I am not always doing great by any means. Secondly, I want people to know that I do not judge anyone for the things they do or do not do. Who the hell am I to judge anyone?! Who the hell is anyone to judge others for that matter. I want people to know they are not alone and that I and many others get what chronic pain is and how horrible it affects your life. I have been through a lot in my life and nothing comes close to my battle with chronic pain. I also want people to know why I do not take medicine and the different things I do to help me live and function with chronic pain in case anyone wants to try some of my methods. They do help!
No one should have to feel alone in the struggle with chronic pain.


“I Believe You” Powerful Words


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