My Favorite Person

How many moms out there feel on and off guilt throughout the day? I love my daughter more than anything in this world but lets just say some days I want to scream! Today is Tantrum Thursday and it is not even eight am. I give so much credit to mothers who work from home as I am finding it difficult to keep a blog with my little person wanting my constant attention. I look at her perfect little face and she looks like a sad little puppy staring up at me as I type away. Or she just wants to jump on my lap and start pounding keys. It is definitely difficult to find balance in life in general but can be even more difficult for stay at home moms who want to be more than just a mother. I’m working on finding that balance and trying to let go of guilt. She is always number one and I love her more than anything but I need to keep sharing my story: all the ups and downs that come with chronic pain and motherhood. Bare with me as I find this balance!


My Favorite Person


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