My Best Friend

Sometimes my daughter is my best friend. Most of my closest friends no longer live in NJ and hell it is hard to make friends in your thirties, especially when you have chronic pain. The task of making new friends becomes even more difficult when you are a mother. Sure, you meet other moms at the playground, the pool, and even join different mom groups. I swear I should come up with a “making friends with other stay at home moms” site just like dating sites. Its practically the same thing and just as awkward. All the questions run through your head the first time you meet a “potential friend.” “Should I ask for her number?” “How much can I really show of my personality before scaring the person away?” “Would our husbands get along?” “Is the person going to still want to be friends with me if she finds out I have chronic pain and anxiety?” etc etc etc. You know what as I write this, making new mom friends causes more anxiety then dating random people in your twenties from dating sites.

Old friends are easy: they know me like my family, they know my struggle with chronic pain and have been through my ups and downs with me, they know my crazy sense of humor and lack of a filter when it comes to any topic and love me for it.

Making friends when you are a 32 year old stay at home mom with chronic pain is not easy. It takes at least five to ten play dates until you know if the friendship is worth going forward with or if you should just throw in the towel. Can anyone relate to this? You don’t have to have chronic pain to admit making friends is difficult at this age!


My Best Friend


3 thoughts on “My Best Friend

  1. darcsunshine says:

    My daughter is also my best friend. She is one of the only people who can brighten my day regardless of my pain or anxiety I might be suffering from.

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