Start Weekend off Right!

Welcome to Saturday (doesn’t change much for stay at home moms….the job doesn’t stop) Had a crappy evening last night and woke up with endless thoughts running through my head. I was getting sick of my brain running so I got my legs running and came home and made a juice…..I know doesn’t look too yummy but it is! I swear! Spinach, celery, carrots, cucumber, oranges, and of course ginger! PS…this was after my coffee (I’m not that crazy….love my coffee.) Once again, whether juicing helps me personally with chronic pain or not doesn’t really matter to me. It gives me a boost right away and tastes yummy. I may have not had the greatest night but no reason to keep the negativity going. My daughter just knocked over a plant and there is dirt everywhere. I’m going to need another juice and I will start this day over again in thirty minutes, haha. I’m not really laughing….not gonna lie.


Start Weekend off Right!


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