Chronic Pain Changed Me Forever

After I was finished looking for my cure for chronic pain I had to totally change my actions and lifestyle (dramatically!) People who met me after my Mayo Clinic stay thought I had always been this crazy health nut who woke up before the sun was out to exercise, juice, do yoga, and be spending most of my time doing something that would benefit my health and life. They did not know the Jessica who ate like crap, partied with her friends, and honestly looked completely different. To be honest, I didn’t really even know what mindfulness or meditation was and thought all that stuff was just bullshit and never believed it would help me in any way shape or form.

I definitely cannot change the fact that I had a horrible bike accident that resulted in brain surgery and a life with chronic pain. But chronic pain definitely changed me. I’m almost certain I would not be the healthy, yoga loving, meditating (when I have time….totally been slacking on that) fit person I am today. More importantly I wouldn’t appreciate the times when I feel great and appreciate just going on a run with my daughter in the morning (something without chronic pain I probably would take for granted.)

I like this quote for many reasons….it sums up chronic pain for me in a simple way.


Chronic Pain Changed Me Forever


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