Yoga Nidra

People with chronic pain or any chronic illness including mental illnesses such as anxiety/depression know the importance of sleep. Aside from chronic pain, anxiety keeps me awake. I usually don’t have a hard time falling asleep but once I’m awake even if my daughter wakes up for one minute at three am I have a really hard time falling asleep. However, I can’t nap. I guess I should not say can’t but I find it extremely difficult to quiet my thoughts and the anxiety butterflies swirling through my stomach never seem to go away if I try to nap. So if I am beyond tired and Kayci is napping I do yoga nidra. Basically, yoga nidra is the meditative heart of yoga. What the hell does that mean? In Jessica terms it is an awesome way to nap and actually really works. One of my yoga instructors years ago knew about my insomnia and let me borrow her yoga nidra cd. She said I would fall into a sort of meditative sleep. I didn’t believe her but borrowed the cd anyways. I tried it a few times and gave up after ten minutes. Then on my fifth and most likely final try I put the cd in, lay down on my bed and an hour later opened my eyes in shock. I felt like I was drugged in a weird way. It was scary to see the clock and know that I had been in a meditative state for an hour. That was three years ago and I am now back to using yoga nidra when I am exhausted and Kayci is napping. It works, it truly does. This is a picture of Kayci and I doing yoga nidra together. She was already asleep next to me when I started the cd but maybe she got something out of it? Ya never know.

Google yoga nidra and see what you find. It makes me feel so well rested and lowers my anxiety and in turn my chronic pain. I didn’t believe it would work for me at first and for those who know me well know I cannot nap. I can however do yoga nidra. If I can, anyone can. Trust the nidra lol


Yoga Nidra


2 thoughts on “Yoga Nidra

  1. darcsunshine says:

    I suffer with that same issue. I am glad to see that I am not alone in this but at the same time would never want anyone to go through the misery. Much love

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