Overthinking Manic Monday

As a stay at home mom I am still not a fan of Mondays. It truly isn’t any different then Saturday and Sunday for me but it feels like when the week begins I should be doing more. I was used to years of waking up Monday morning by five am, head to the gym, then to work. Now, my job is motherhood 24/7. This is the best job ever but there is no “schedule.” And as a person who has chronic pain I relied on that schedule. My daughter was awake more times then I can count last night with a fever and congestion. She slept later than usual (7 am no joke! That’s like afternoon for her) but I was still up at five with my brain running in circles and that horrible pit in my stomach (anyone with anxiety knows what the pit in the stomach feels like) Eventually, after overthinking and making things tons worse than they were I put in a yoga dvd and did that. I try very hard to calm my thoughts during yoga but it doesn’t always go that way. I try though,

I took Kayci on a short walk to get some coffee and get her some air and we are back home, juicing and figuring out the day. Days like this I need to just go with the flow but that is so hard for me. I do not like having time to think. Overthinking for me definitely leads to negative thoughts. At least logically I know that.

I hope everyone has a great Monday and tries to quiet their brain if they are overthinking. That’s the goal of today. Go with the flow…..join me please!


Overthinking Manic Monday


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