Running is my meditation when I Cannot Meditate

As a stay at home mom I do not get many breaks. Today Kayci did not take a nap, therefor I did not get one break. I cannot do yoga nidra or attempt a meditation with a one year old running around….not safe for anyone. My morning runs with Kayci are amazing. She loves to sit in the stroller and can go for five miles with no complaints. I can turn on my ipod and zone out and just go. I think that is why I love exercising so much, it really gets my brain to just stop and I always feel so much better afterwards. If I was the twenty year old version of me I wouldn’t believe this is me. All through high school I faked mono just to get out of gym. However, here I am.

Some people with chronic pain are unable to run or do a lot of exercise but there are ways to exercise without bearing weight on your legs. I put in my gratitude journal today that I am grateful for my functioning legs. It may seem silly, but I can’t imagine not being able to run. It not only helps my chronic pain (if I do not over do it) but helps with my anxiety more than anything!


Running is my meditation when I Cannot Meditate


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