My daughter’s facial expressions express how I’m feeling at times and are a lot easier to capture. I woke up this morning, Kayci had peed the bed, thunder and lighting filled the skies, and my husband has his friend staying with us for the next week (whom I have never met up until now) My husband and his friend were up until all hours of the night catching up etc. so I was trying to keep Kayci quiet this morning (luckily she slept until six.) I was soooo looking forward to throwing her in the running stroller and going for a long run so everyone could sleep and wouldn’t have to keep her quiet but the rain won that battle. I was pissed for at least an hour. Finally, I put a work out dvd in one of the rooms Kayci has a lot of toys and she ended up “working out” with me. It ended up being an awesome work out and got my stress out and Kayci seemed happy too. Win win! My husband was forced to wake up due to the storm and now I can start getting things done around the house.
After having shitty dreams all night, didn’t wanna wake up to downpours and two hung over men. But, we made it work. Ok, time to put the pee stained sheets in the washer.


“What the Hell?”


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