Need some Gratitude

My daughter got her 18month shots today but I’m the one that is grumpy. Some days ya just can’t fake it till ya make it. I need to write a gratitude list and I am going to use my blog to do so because maybe someone reading this will hold me accountable. It is one of those days where literally everything under the sun pisses you off especially the ones you live with! Lack of sleep obviously isn’t helping chronic pain or my attitude. And side note: screw you doctors: I’m sorry my daughter doesn’t always sleep through the night and YES she still drinks milk out of a bottle on a daily basis. I LIED to your face and honestly feel no guilt for doing so. Kayci is a perfect weight, has great teeth, and is in perfect health.

Here we go with the gratitude:
1. Its been many months since I stopped taking pain medicine and I forget what a huge accomplishment that is. Especially because I did it on my own and am dealing with chronic pain naturally.
2. My husband is amazing most of the time. (that was hard to write at the moment) but he is
3. My daughter is awesome, funny, sweet, and most of all healthy.
4. I have amazing friends (less is more sometimes….quality not quantity)
5. I have a roof over my head in a house that is pretty awesome, food in the fridge, and ice cream in the freezer


Need some Gratitude


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