Live in the Moment...a Difficult Task

I’m a planner….always have been even when I was a little girl. I would get my journal out at night and write a to do list. The to do list would comprise of: dust my night stand (I was a clean freak at an early age) wash my Cabbage Patch Dolls and something else silly. Managing chronic pain without medication turned me into the biggest planner anyone could know. It helps a LOT but as a stay at home mom it is very difficult to plan. Before marriage and my daughter here is an example of how I planned my day to manage chronic pain naturally….don’t laugh.
1. morning stretches
2. gym
3. home/meditate/shower
4. work
5. lunch hour do relaxation exercise
6. home/healthy dinner/read/reality tv
As odd and boring as this schedule is, I was truly healthy and sometimes more importantly happy. They go hand in hand for someone with or without chronic pain. Its hard to be happy when you feel like shit.
Well that schedule and planning has for the most part gone out the window as a stay at home mom. I stick to some kind of schedule such as always exercising in the morning and things of that nature but anyone who is a stay at home mom knows it can be very difficult to plan. Trying to get pregnant and not knowing when that will happen turns a planner like me into full frenzy mode.

I need quotes like this and to remember I just cannot plan everything. To be honest most things I ever planned never came to fruition anyways and still ended up pretty damn good.


Live in the Moment…a Difficult Task


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