Laugh it off!

Charlie Brown and I have a lot in common except that I’m usually very cheerful and rarely show my pain and worries to others. Days like today are awesome because I was so busy doing things that I really had no time to think and worry. I’m here feeding my daughter dinner already thinking about tomorrow which is so ridiculous. It is not even six pm….My husband and his friend are picking us up dinner….I have ice cream in the fridge (a vice I have decided to not give up probably ever….no judgement) and not only Real Housewives to catch up on but a book to read that is finally getting interesting. I enjoy my nights so why worry about tomorrow. So pointless. Ok, I am going to practice what I preach, enjoy the rest of my evening with my daughter and family and realllly enjoy that ice cream.
I may have chronic pain and anxiety but I have a lot to enjoy and be grateful for.


Laugh it off!


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