Picture Perfect....

I love my family….it is what I always wanted. This right here…simplicity, love, cuddles, and laughter. Everything I always wanted…so why is it so hard to be happy sometimes??

Because life/marriage/motherhood and relationships are hard for anyone! Nothing is perfect even if it appears that way on the outside. There are highs and lows throughout the years….months….and even days. Life is difficult for anyone but especially life with chronic pain. Any small or big argument causes an even bigger argument internally when you have chronic pain because stress can be the worst thing for chronic pain. Doesn’t make it any easier that I have always been an emotional person. I love hard…I fall hard…I laugh hard…and I cry hard.

Stress of just every day life can sometimes be too much for a person with chronic pain. I just want this picture to be every day but I think that is just impossible. I know I can only change myself and how I react to situations and people but its freaking hard some days.


Picture Perfect….


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