Never Give Up

I’m having a pretty great day…I’m not saying that to brag I just feel good today and when I feel good it makes the days pretty awesome. Yesterday sucked. I was not ok for most of the day but as this quote states that’s ok because I refuse to give up. Of course when the pain is really bad I would love to go back to taking medicine to manage it but that led me to sickness and hating myself. Today is a good day and I treasure it because it is a good day. It is gloomy outside and did nothing too exciting but all that matters to me are the little things: I got to run this morning, I received an amazing text from my best friend telling me how proud she was that I started this (people sometimes underestimate how much motivation and compliments can do for a person but my best friend does not let me down!) I didn’t freak out when my daughter was playing in the toilet: instead we took a walk to the library and checked out some books. I was able to sit on a park bench and read for twenty minutes while she napped. I’m excited to make my husband’s favorite dinner because I love to make him happy. So many simple things people take for granted. Because of chronic pain I have learned to not take much for granted. Some days I am not ok but I will not give up. I have a lot more dreams to accomplish, babies to make, and hopefully help people out there suffering from this invisible illness. If anyone ever has any questions, ask away. As embarrassing and difficult as some of this has been hard to share I will not stop and will continue to be brutally honest even if I shock the people closest to me.


Never Give Up


3 thoughts on “Never Give Up

  1. Joan Marsh Bunker says:

    Jess, I am so sorry to read about your struggle with chronic pain. I hope you have been to good doctors – I would never stop searching for an answer. If there is anything I can do – babysit, etc. – pls. let me know. You are an amazing person and wonderful mother! Stay strong, take your vitamins, get lots of rest (I’m such a mother 🙂 Love you, Nana Joan xo

    • Nana Joan! I am sooo happy to hear from you! Thank you for looking at my blog…means so much to me. Oh I have been battling this for many, many years just finally ready to share my story in hopes to help others with chronic pain, especially mothers. If you have time read my post entitled : “No Cure? Why Stop Looking???” It will sum up everything I have done over past decade plus and why I finally chose to live with chronic pain naturally…hence why I exercise, eat so healthy etc etc. I miss you!!! I miss my Linny too. Would love love love to see you. My email is
      Love you like a mother so I am glad you talk to me like a daughter 🙂

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