My Inspiration

At times when chronic pain becomes very difficult my brain does turn to wanting to start going back to doctors or medicine or just anything to make the pain stop. I look down at my daughter and remember that I not only need to be an inspiration for millions of people suffering from chronic pain but for my daughter as well. I was healthy before my daughter was born but she inspires me to do even better. She loves coming with me to the local produce junction to get fresh fruits and veggies to juice. She loves going for runs and walks. She loves all the things I need to do to keep myself managing my chronic pain without the use of medicine. Hopefully one day she may even love meditation. She already does like yoga and does a better downward dog than even I can do. I hope one day I can tell her about my journey with chronic pain and she will see that I never gave up.
I know throughout life she will face certain heartbreaks and difficulties (I pray she never endures any chronic pain….she wears a bike helmet when we ride bikes!) but she will face many challenges as we all do. I want her to say: If my mom can overcome everything she has been faced with and be healthy and happy then I can too.
Kayci, at times is my number one inspiration and I hope to return the favor and be her inspiration as well.


My Inspiration


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