My daughter who is 18months woke up at 3 30 am screaming bloody murder. It was honestly scary for a few minutes because my husband and I could not figure out what was wrong. I thought she wanted a bottle but she quickly threw that across the room. I have to remember how frustrating it must be to not be able to express your needs and rely solely on someone else to anticipate them (no pressure moms lol) Gave her some tummy medicine and eventually she calmed down. Once she felt better she was so beyond happy there was no way she was going back to sleep. With my in-laws in town I didn’t want her waking them up running through the house and well being a toddler. My husband didn’t go to sleep until after one am so I was just annoyed. I didn’t get much sleep, my daughter was ready to run a marathon and we were stuck in a bedroom. At six am the sun came out so I put her in the running stroller and ran (jogged is a better word.) I was exhausted. I was thinking way too much about how my total lack of sleep and annoyance/frustration would affect my chronic pain for the day. Returned home from run and everyone was still asleep so I took Kayci to pick up produce. I was still very annoyed (with no great reason to be annoyed.)
During my shower (my ten minutes of alone time) I literally forced my brain to shift gears and enjoy the day. Yes, I am tired and mildly frustrated. But, the negative committee in my brain needs to shut the hell up. I have to remember that at any point during the day I have the ability to start the day over.
Its Friday (which as most moms know really doesn’t change much lol) but I have a lot to be happy for and I am at this moment turning the day around.
Holy shit, my daughter just fell asleep in her high chair. Just writing about being positive makes good things happen. Ok, she is hopping in her crib and I’m going to do a meditation.




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