Fight the Fight

Chronic pain or any chronic illness can cause a ton of anger that resonates in your body eventually causing you more pain. Use that anger. Some days I punch a pillow and just yell : “Screw you pain, you will not screw up my day. I’m stronger than you and I have the ability to not think about you or let you ruin my day!” Sometimes we cannot avoid anger at least I can’t. Instead of letting my anger eat me alive I use it in helpful ways like when I punch something (nothing living) and pretend it is my chronic pain. Or when I get my ass out of bed and take a run in the early morning. Be stronger than your pain and if some days its just too damn hard to be stronger than your pain, always know that it will be okay and tomorrow is a new day. Try not to get angry at yourself….that anger is useless and will only hurt you more!


Fight the Fight


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