Sometimes Ya Need A Laugh

I have been to hundreds of doctors (not an exaggeration and I can be known to exaggerate lol) and many of those doctors were amazing and had the best intentions but just did not have the answers to help me cure my chronic pain. Then there were doctors who I truly now looking back would love to have a few choice words with them but would never do such a thing. Many doctors are quick to prescribe pain medication because its an easy fix (for them…not for me.) I will never blame any doctor for my choices in how I dealt with chronic pain. I could have been brave and said: “No thank you, pain medicine is not going to help me.” I wasn’t strong enough to do so and I do not judge anyone who does take medicine. I wish I knew then what I knew now and I would have known that I could manage my pain without medicine.

Half the time I had no idea what half of my doctors were talking about. It did not really matter to me because I assumed they knew a lot more about pain then I did. If I could go back in time, I would have asked questions and made sure I understood what they were telling me to do or take.

It took me way too many years to learn that I may understand and know chronic pain a lot more than half the doctors I went to. I know what is right for me. I may not have then, but I do now. I know that I could teach so many doctors so much about chronic pain. Hopefully, one day I have the chance. I became a social worker to help people with chronic pain and the medical field did not want to hear what I wanted to say. I understand that, what do I know? I’m only a college graduate who has been fighting chronic pain for over fifteen years and is one of the few who have managed to live without medicine.
For now I am going to continue to enjoy being a stay at home mom, be healthy, work on having more children, and taking care of my family.
One day I will help people with chronic pain, hopefully this blog is only the beginning.


Sometimes Ya Need A Laugh


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