NO Pain, NO Gain = Bullshit

I once had a friend say to me as I was trying to explain chronic pain to them: “Pain is a weakness leaving the body.” We stopped being friends a few weeks later. Ironically that is just about the time when I picked up my things and flew to Colorado.

The saying: no pain, no gain makes absolutely NO sense. Whether one has chronic pain or not. When I am running and my knees or shins start to hurt, I know I have to stretch more and take a few days off. I do believe to let your body give up before your mind. Meaning, when I am running and get bored or my mind is telling my body to stop I keep going. But, if my joints are screaming because I’m pushing myself too hard I stop.

MODERATION is a word people with chronic pain must adhere to. It is okay if the kitchen is not sparkly clean and you skip a day of laundry ( btw I struggle with this because I am way too much of a clean freak!) It is true though. If I push myself too much in one day I pay for it that night or the next day. Taking breaks is key to people with chronic pain and really should be key to everyone but our society is teaching us something different. Hence, the phrase: no pain, no gain.


NO Pain, NO Gain = Bullshit


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