That Girl Is Me

Who in their right mind would ever believe I have chronic pain unless I told you?? I am up before the sun, I am out running four miles, I am drinking my WaWa coffee as I walk home from the run singing with my daughter, I’m making juice and watching and yelling at the TV as I’m angry with people I do not know on the reality show Big Brother. I am then cutting up chicken and veggies to throw in the crock pot for dinner later in the day. You may then find me playing with my daughter at the playground or the pool and following this, running errands and folding never ending amounts of laundry. I mean come on, who would ever look at me and think: this happy, in shape person has an invisible illness. Who would know that I had brain surgery because of not wearing a bike helmet?? NO ONE!

But I have been judged more often that I can even tell you. I think I stopped telling people about my chronic pain even before I went to the Mayo Clinic because aside from my close family no one seemed to believe me. It was almost like I was making it up for pity or attention. I never wanted pity. I despise pity to this day.

I may look find on the outside but no one knows what I am feeling on the inside. We all as humans need to stop judging anyone and everyone. We have absolutely NO idea what people are really going through or how they are feeling. You may think you know your best friend more than anyone else does and judge her for partying too much or dating the wrong person. STOP…you may have no idea why she is doing/acting the way she is. I’m not perfect, I still am quick to judge people I do not know but I have gotten a lot better at that. Try and be cognizant of your thoughts of others. I promise you, I am living proof that what one sees when they look at me is just the outside image. I’m struggling every second of every day but have found a lot of strength to do this. Your neighbor, your sister, your friend may be doing things that you think are “crazy” and judge them for their actions and behavior but just remember you have no idea what is going in their home, their hearts, or their minds. If we could all spend more time focusing on our own lives/faults/and goals instead of wasting our time judging others we would all be in a better place.


That Girl Is Me


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