Carry ON!

I forgot how much music can truly change how I am feeling and I’m sure many people feel this way. Today (just hours ago I was feeling down and defeated) I started playing youtube video Carry On by Fun (as MTV is now reality TV and I’m not usually awake when they show music videos…if they even do so anymore?) I LOVE this song!

The lyrics are just amazing and honestly can lift someone’s spirits up just by listening to them. Things happen to us all every day that we cannot explain and are saddened by. I sometimes have no clue why some of my chronic pain is worse some days and better others. I realized today that some people may just never understand or like me for that matter and that is ok. I have to just keep going no matter what stands in my way. I’ll never have answers to questions that I really want the answers to but no matter what I have to pick up my feet and carry on. Bad things are going to happen to me the rest of my life but great things are going to happen as well. My resiliency has definitely gotten better. I am able to bounce back much quicker to anything negative happening to me than I ever have been before. I did not realize that until twenty minutes ago when I played this song and watched the video. Even my little sick one year old was trying to dance a little.

If you are having a shitty day play this song!


Carry ON!


2 thoughts on “Carry ON!

  1. Lisa Cooper says:

    My 12-year-old son has had a chronic headache disorder for almost a year now. I was very pleased that when we finally got in to a headache specialist last month he prescribed physical therapy and biofeedback. We are really struggling to keep Stephen in school because that is supposed to be best to distract him from the pain, but if he doesn’t improve soon I don’t know what we’ll do. I stumbled on your blog while searching for answers. Its good to see you are coping with the pain.

    • I’m sorry to hear that about your son. That is around the time I had my bike accident that left me with chronic pain. I think a lot of the posts in my blog will help younger people (their parents in your case) I am so happy to hear that his doctor recommended physical therapy and biofeedback. It is so difficult at the age of 12 to truly understand biofeedback and actually how much it can help. If you ever have any questions pls email me at
      I went through so many medications/specialists/and unneeded surgery to conquer my chronic pain and I hope as people read my story they can see that the natural route is sometimes the best. Pls email me….for real. I know chronic pain better than anyone lol

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