I had soooo many expectations from people, events, and things in my life that left me very, very disappointed. The moment I began to stop expecting other people to make me happy, “things” to make me happy, and events to make me happy is the moment that I started to actually be truly happy.
I always expected so much from other people which not only left me disappointed but also drained the hell out of the people that loved me. In fact it turned people away. I have to remind myself on a daily basis that is my job and my job alone to be happy. Anyone, or anything else that comes my way is just a bonus. The less I expect, the more I appreciate what I have.

This totally ties into chronic pain. I always expected it to be cured and to just one day vanish. With that strong expectation I became more depressed with each passing day. It took over ten years to learn that I cannot have that expectation. Sure, it sucks but the expectation that I will wake up one day totally pain free is a pretty tall order! I do however appreciate the good days, which out weight the bad ones tremendously! Even on the “difficult days” I still find laughter and smiles. I have hilarious friends, a crazy/fun family, and the most entertaining child I have ever met.

This is such an easy quote to say but it is a difficult one to practice. We all have expectations and some of them are valid. However, the more we work on being grateful for what we have today/at this very moment the more will come to us. Every quote or lesson I work on is difficult. If it wasn’t there would be no reason to post it. Just for today, try and appreciate what you have. Don’t expect anyone else to bring you happiness. People are going to bring you happiness the less you expect them to. Trust me.




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