Giving UP!

I had a dream last night that I was at the doctor’s office being prescribed pain medicine and for a second in my dream I was relieved but then I woke up and I was almost shaking with fear. The dream felt so real and I was so upset with myself for coming so far and going back to taking medication. I have had moments where I just want to give up but I know I won’t. Someone reached out to me today for guidance regarding her situation with chronic pain. This person reminded me of the stigma people taking medicine to manage chronic pain are given. This person also reminded me of the younger me.
As if chronic pain is not the hardest struggle I can imagine, people with chronic pain also have to face stigmas regarding choices they make to manage their pain and also deal with people not believing them. I never met a person who claimed to have chronic pain who did not have chronic pain. Who the hell would want to live in pain twenty four hours a day?
I have been judged, I have been stigmatized, and I have had people not believe me. All awhile dealing with chronic pain. Talk about a living HELL! People to this day (because I do not talk about it) think that I am perfectly fine when I clearly am not.
If you know anyone with chronic pain please know that they are going through enough on a daily basis especially if they are not at a good point. I am fortunate enough to have found a happy life and live with chronic pain but some people are still searching for that happiness. There is a stigma associated with chronic pain that needs to stop. You can find happiness with chronic pain. I am living proof of that. I plan to make all my dreams come true while living with chronic pain. Chronic pain is an awful hand to be dealt with in life but it can be managed.
I had to force myself to write this quote “You Are Going To Want To Give Up. Don’t.” on a piece of paper that I would see every day to remind myself to always keep going no matter what.


Giving UP!


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