Motherhood.....Not Easy!

Yesterday was Labor Day and it did not even occur to me that I, as a mother should be able to celebrate Labor Day. I have one of the hardest jobs in the world! All mothers do! Talk about stigma’s when someone asks me what I do for a living I pause, then answer: “I’m a stay at home mom.” I get nods and little comments like “Oh, that’s nice.” But then I say: “Oh, but I was a social worker before my daughter was born.” And the comments for that statement are much more rewarding: “WOW! That is not an easy job!” OR “That must have been rough, takes a special kind of a person to be a social worker!” Ya know what?! I work just as hard now as I did as a social worker except that I am ten times more tired and do not receive a pay check. Why are we not rewarded for this incredibly difficult, unappreciated, most important job in the world? We, as mothers are raising human beings twenty four/seven! I wake up at five am at the latest and force myself to go to sleep early every night so I have enough energy to run around and have fun with my daughter and be productive doing housework, food shopping, cooking, laundry, and writing. On top of all that I have to balance my chronic pain. This is not a post intended to be “bitching”…..ok maybe it is a little but we, as stay at home moms deserve a LOT more credit.
Sometimes I wish I had lived in the fifties when women were expected to stay home and raise their children and be a homemaker. I know most women probably despise me for saying that. But at least I would not feel so insecure for being “just a stay at home mom.” I love being home with my daughter and I cannot wait to have more children but it is work and I think a lot of people underestimate how hard mothers who stay home work. People ask me sometimes: “Don’t you get bored?” How the hell would I get bored? I never stop and when I do it is to write. Even at night I would love to stay up late and watch reality television and read for hours but I know I have to be awake at the crack of dawn.

Being a stay at home mom with chronic pain makes the job easier and harder. It makes it easier because I have constant distractions that take my mind away from the pain. It makes it harder at times because I really do not get many breaks in which my body and mind does need. I also do not receive a pay check as a stay at home mom to pay for yoga classes and the things that I love to do that help my chronic pain. I make it work but it is still difficult.

I wouldn’t change being a stay at home mom for the world. Even if I never get to go to that yoga class or get to buy my favorite running shoes but some credit and appreciation from society would be great. I used to watch the show “Trading Spouses” or ” Wife Swap” I think there should be a show called “Role Swap” for husbands and wives. And not just for a day, but for a few weeks. People would definitely agree with me that stay at moms work just as hard as mothers or fathers who go to work during the day.

If you are a mother, especially a mother with chronic pain you better celebrate yourself and realize that you deserve a Labor Day just for your job.


Motherhood…..Not Easy!


2 thoughts on “Motherhood…..Not Easy!

  1. Very well said. I have 4 children, the youngest is now 17, but I was a nurse and gave that up to stay home because I wanted to raise my own kids. I wanted to hear that first word, see that first step, etc. Never had to worry about anyone harming my children. I sacrificed a lot of material things and vacations, but it was all well worth it to me. Material things mean nothing to me any way. Nothing means as much to me as my children.

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