Connection between the Brain and Pain

I took this picture yesterday…..can you tell that either of us feel like crap?? My daughter has had a fever/cold for over a week. She is incredibly cranky and I know how difficult it must be for her because she is unable to verbalize her needs as her vocabulary is composed of the words: doggie, cat, mommy, da, duck, pic, apple, and banana. In this picture I am also having a “difficult day” aka difficult to deal with pain day which leads to some major sadness (not always but this day it did)

Seeing my daughter sick is worse than being sick myself. So although I was in the midst of a “difficult day” I had to really start acting silly and focus my attention on something else. I put my phone on video/pictures and started making funny sounds and singing to my daughter. She started laughing hysterically, which in turn got me laughing. Talk about an amazing distraction for both of us. I was able to stop thinking about pain and she obviously stopped thinking about how crappy she felt.

You cannot tell from this picture that this little girl has a high fever and has been cranky and sad. You also would never guess that the mom in this picture had brain surgery and battles chronic pain naturally every day of her life. The brain is so powerful. My chronic pain is very real as Kayci’s fever is very real but we weren’t thinking about it. We were having too much fun being silly and laughing. The rest of the day was so much better. This is the main reason I do not talk about my chronic pain because I try so hard to distract myself from the pain.

We went to Kayci’s pediatrician today and what she has is bacterial so we just have to keep doing what we are doing with the help of our friend Tylenol and Saline and I am exhausted and frustrated with things right now. But, I am going to walk away from this computer, make Kayci some soup, dance with her to Ellen and pretend everything is okay. More I act like things are okay the more they become okay.


Connection between the Brain and Pain


5 thoughts on “Connection between the Brain and Pain

  1. I’ve been in chronic pain since I was 25, so for 9 years from a near fatal vehicle accident. I just found your blog and what you say makes so much sense. I am currently trying to find a rehab to go so I can get off of all the narcotics that my doctor has me on. I’m finally ready to deal with my chronic pain without mind fogging, life destroying narcotics.

    • Sounds a LOT like me!!! I’m not sure how much of my blog you have read and hope you are following it but my chronic pain is due from a bike accident resulting in brain surgery. If you have any questions pls ask!!! I’m here
      PS…good for you for having the courage and strength for wanting to get off of pain meds. Was the hardest yet best choice I ever made.

      • I read you went to the mayo clinic for rehab. Is that where you did detox or were you able to do it on your own? If so how long were you at the clinic? I’m working on going somewhere to detox and recover. The meds I’m on are too powerful and I’ve been on them too long to be successful at detox on my own. I’m sooo tired of being in a fog, fatigued and now I’m in more pain and the meds don’t seem to help. Also there’s no way I can be successful in graduate school to become a SLP.

      • Mayo clinic did both. They help ppl detox off their meds safely. When I was on strong medication I needed help to do so. They help detox but at same time teach you eight hrs a day in group setting how to manage pain naturally. I do take medicine for anxiety as they are so related….pain and anxiety and they recommended that. Its a three week program. Google Pain Rehab Center Mayo Clinic MN. I’m friends with one of the nurses in the program if you want me to talk to her for you.

        Sadly I went back to taking medication for my cp bc well pain sucks but after abt a year I took myself off on my own. It was percocet but still sucked and def do not recommend anyone doing it on their own. After awhile pain meds stop working and a lot of times end up making the pain worse.

        I feel your pain literally and its quite admirable you want to do this. Most ppl do not.

        Here for any and all questions! T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network


      • And yes there was nooo way I could have become a social worker and mother on all the meds etc so totally understand. I’m impressed by your motivation. T-Mobile. America’s First Nationwide 4G Network


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