Everything Will Be OK!

I am a thirty two year old chronic pain survivor and mother of one, I’m all grown up right?? I have beat brain surgery, I have gotten through two miscarriages, I have dealt with things that have tested my strength and courage proving how strong I am. One of the biggest things I have done was decide for myself that I no longer wanted to take pain medicine. I was not able to find a doctor to help me do so and even the amazing people who work for the Mayo Clinic all the way in MN were unable to find resources in my area to help me do so. I was faced with a very difficult choice and I chose to wean myself off of pain medicine and go through the hell on my own. I did it! I did it because in my mind I did not have a choice. (even though I did) I deal with my chronic pain naturally every hour of every day and it can be very hard and lonely. It sure as hell beats dragging my one year old to weekly doctor appointments and being on medicine that I know will only make my chronic pain worse in the long run but it is still hard.

I am a strong woman and yes an adult. But I still need hugs and words of encouragement, we all do! I still have my inner child screaming at me sometimes to give myself more self love (I do not know why it is so damn difficult to love ourselves but for some of us it just is) I have come a long way and I am proud of myself but this quote is just so true. We all need self love but we as humans need love from others as well. Just remember as strong as someone appears on the outside, he or she may still need a pat on the back or a hug. As many times as we tell ourselves, “It will all be alright” we also need to sometimes genuinely hear it from others. Especially someone with an invisible illness like chronic pain but this goes for every human being.


Everything Will Be OK!


2 thoughts on “Everything Will Be OK!

  1. darcsunshine says:

    I know personally how hard the struggle is and for that you are an amazingly strong woman but you are right…just because we have been through so much and seem ok doesn’t mean we still don’t need love and affection. Being strong is exhausting. Much love to you and you’re family

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