Mom with Chronic Pain....Plans Change

My daughter has been fighting some kind of virus off and on for over a week now. She fell asleep before five last night and slept until six. Before she woke up, I was able to get her snacks and outfit ready for our morning run. I had everything ready, so happy I was awake before her to start out morning routine (routine being something with chronic pain I take seriously.) The running stroller was set up with our water bottles, bananas, books, and her blanket. I heard her crying so went in to get her only to have her begin puking on me. Anyone who is a mother knows their only thought when they see their child sick or in pain is to make them better. It wasn’t until her and I were lying on the sofa (running shoes still on) but managed to change our pukey clothes, that I realized “Shit I have to figure out how to change our plans around for the day.” I know this might sound selfish to people but in order for me to be a good mother I need to manage my chronic pain well. But I took a deep breath and started figuring out how I could still stick to my chronic pain management program while taking care of little miss sicky. We cuddled for a long time and played with some leggos and read some books. She started to perk up once her fever began coming down and although a 45 minute work out took 90 minutes I was happy and so was she. I utilize exercise for my pain management program religiously as nine times out of ten it makes for a much better day. I need to move my body in order for it work better for me. It also helps my anxiety and stress which is huge as both anxiety and stress make chronic pain ten times worse.

We then did some laundry and washed yucky sheets and I made her some dry toast and bananas and apples. She will hopefully be napping soon and I will figure out how to re-configure our day. One of the best distractions to my chronic pain is my daughter. She is my greatest sense of joy and always gets me going….and keeps me going and going and going. But, as a mother with chronic pain I need to be ready to change our plans at a seconds notice as she definitely comes first.

I have come to a place where I am able to manage change in plans with chronic pain. If I want to manage my pain in a healthy way and have a happy day I have to be willing to do the work and sometimes think outside the box. I give so much credit to all moms out there with chronic pain.


Mom with Chronic Pain….Plans Change


2 thoughts on “Mom with Chronic Pain….Plans Change

  1. Hi! I enjoyed reading your post. I’m so very impressed that you are able to maintain such a schedule. But we all know that with a baby, that’s the only way to go. I’ll be following you. Check out my blog too as it relates to chronic pain as well. It can be found at

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