Believe, Patience, Never Give UP

I never thought that I would be faced with chronic pain at such a young age. I also never imagined in my childhood that I would fall off of my bicycle….hit my head into a stone wall…and have brain surgery. I definitely never dreamed that chronic pain would affect me for the rest of my life. I spent over a decade of my life searching for a cure for my chronic pain. When the first doctor at the Mayo Clinic told me I had chronic pain, there was no cure and I could live with it and be happy I did NOT believe him for one second. It took me weeks working in the Pain Rehab Program until I started to believe I could live with chronic pain without any treatment or medicine and be happy. It was quite easy to believe this while I was there surrounded by people who had chronic pain and around specialists who had been helping people with chronic pain for many years. It was more difficult to believe this once I re-entered the real world. That is when the patience came in. Whoever said Patience is a Virtue was not messing around. Oh my goodness, the patience I have had to develop to live with chronic pain naturally is something I cannot put into words. On those difficult days when I used to want to give up I had to search my soul for patience.
I never gave up. And with my belief, my patience, and my determination I conquered my chronic pain. I have fallen down multiple times and gone back to searching for cures and back to medications. I have fallen down three times and that will not ever happen again. I know what works for me to manage my chronic pain. I had to re-start with belief, I’m right now being patient, but I will never give up!

This does not just apply to people with chronic pain. It applies to my best friend in the world who tried for years to get pregnant. She never lost her belief, she is beyond patient, and she sure as hell never gave up. She and her husband are pregnant and she is a huge role model to me. There are things in my life aside from chronic pain that I need to apply belief, patience, and a refusal to give up in order for the best things I desire to come to me.


Believe, Patience, Never Give UP


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