Inner Child

When I was little I used to imagine I could fly. I would jump off of the couch and while in the air would pretend for those very short seconds that I was flying. I remember riding roller coasters with my dad over and over again (bless his heart) and each time would pretend that I was flying into space. I would shut my eyes and pretend to hear NASA talking to me as the roller coaster cruised slowly to the top of the mountain (space) and then I felt that pit in my stomach as we reached the top and imagined we were flying into space as my stomach churned with excitement and my heart beat so fast I could almost feel myself in space.
Obviously two seconds later we were getting off the roller coaster and I was back on “earth” but for those few seconds I truly felt like I was an astronaut in space. It was awesome. Our minds are so much more powerful than we think.

I woke up this morning beyond exhausted. As I heard my daughter crying, I was silently begging her to please sleep longer. I was so tired I was in a very shitty mood. Even my morning run didn’t stop the exhaustion or my mood nor did my morning coffee or juice. When I that exhausted my anxiety and chronic pain are very hard to deal with. I am someone who needs sleep. We all do! However, people with chronic pain know the importance of good sleep. My brain started going off on a tangent: “your pain is going to be awful today!” “This day is going to suck Jessica!” “What if Kayci doesn’t nap and you cannot even rest a little?” Silly brain!

It was not until we were on our way to the grocery store and Jay Z and Alicia Keys were belting out “Empire State of Mind” and I noticed Kayci (my one year old) in the back seat clapping to the beat and moving her whole body dancing to the song that my day totally changed. I started laughing and singing. The more I laughed and cheered her on, the more Kayci danced and laughed and clapped. My day totally changed from that moment forward. I changed my thoughts and thought about how happy I was just dancing and singing with my daughter. All my negative thinking turned out to be nothing. Aside from her refusing to nap but that is okay. It has been a great day. All those negative thoughts were just that. What a waste of time they were!!! The more positive thoughts I have the more positive things happen.

I love getting in touch with my inner child and my one year old daughter really helps me in that department. No, I did not sleep well last night, yes I woke up in a shitty mood, but my as soon as my thoughts changed my day changed. Something I need to remember! Manage our thoughts and get in touch with your inner child!!!


Inner Child


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