You are Allowed to be SAD!

I cannot tell you how many times I have felt guilty for feeling sad about anything from chronic pain to having a miscarriage to just having a bad day. I look at the news and see kids starving and people who have nothing and think of my loved ones who have lost close family members and I hate myself for being sad because so many people have it so much worse. Well, guilt just leads to more sadness.
When I came across this quote I had to post it. It kind of made me feel better about being sad when I feel sad. I’m allowed to feel sad and I am definitely allowed to feel down about chronic pain sometimes. I do not want it to control my life or my happiness but chronic pain does suck and if I hold in my emotions about it all the time that isn’t a good thing either. So once and a while I will allow myself to be sad and not feel guilt about my sadness. The other morning I woke up super anxious about chronic pain and a million other things. I had to cry but I did not want to cry hard in front of my daughter. On our run before most of the world was awake I listened to my IPOD and let out my tears and I felt better. I will not let chronic pain/depression/anxiety control my life but I am going to try to not feel guilty when I do cry or I am sad. Yes, many people have it worse. But, I’m human and chronic pain is not an easy thing to live with. So….all you people out there who ever feel guilty like myself for being sad because other people have it worse…don’t. Cry it out and move on!


You are Allowed to be SAD!


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