This quote really hit me when I saw it yesterday and has made the past two days pretty amazing. I have not done anything crazy or different, in fact the cooler temperatures have made it difficult to do the things my daughter and I had gotten so used to doing during the summer. I have cooked, cleaned, run errands and gone to the playground multiple times. I have been organizing and decorating house for Halloween and getting fall clothes ready for the new season. All mundane things that usually would have kept me busy but not necessarily entertained.

My daughter has been extremely clingy. For instance, she refused to go to sleep last night without me next to her. She wants to be held constantly. She is twenty five pounds which isn’t a lot but while you are trying to make homemade soup it is a little more difficult carting around a little person in one arm. Usually I would be annoyed and at times it does get frustrating but then I remembered this quote and thought: “wow one day my little one year old is going to be a teenage girl who wants nothing to do with me!” I know when that time comes in my life I will think back to these days and wish I could go back in time. So, I’m appreciating the cool air, finding fun ways to clean and organize with my daughter, and trying to love her neediness for me.

I’m also grateful because although I have chronic pain I am not letting it control my day or my thoughts. Being grateful for the little things and trying to find happiness in even the most mundane situations helps me deal with chronic pain a lot better than walking around bitching and complaining. An hour ago I was running around the playground with my daughter and her best friend, Jack and I did not look like a girl who had chronic pain. I am grateful that I am able to not put happiness and chronic pain in the same sphere for my life. I can be in pain and still be happy and grateful. I want to help as many people as possible to teach them that you can be in pain and still be happy and grateful for your life.




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