I Close My Eyes

One of my yoga instructors once asked me a question while I was in the middle of a huge crossroad in my life. The question does not matter but my answer did. I said: “My brain says that this is what I should do but my heart is in complete disagreement. I know I have to listen to my brain but I just do not want to.” She looked at me with such kind eyes and said: “No, Jessica you listen to your heart. That is where your true wisdom comes from.” From that day forward I have gone with my intuition and it has steered me in the right path for the most part. Of course my decisions are a combination of my mind and heart but when my heart and intuition are screaming something I listen and obey.

Our minds are such tricky little devils that are so powerful its almost too much at times. The battles my mind has at times is enough to make me crazy. This is when I have to stop, shut my eyes, breathe deeply and listen to my heart. That is why meditation is so important to me. Yes, I practice meditation for chronic pain. Overtime it has become a very useful too in my management of chronic pain. However, I also use it to answer questions my mind refuses to answer for me. I would not say I am a religious person but I am spiritual. I realize how cliché that sounds but it is true. I once read something that stuck with me and it said: “We pray to talk to our higher being. We meditate to listen to our higher being.” How true. Even if we take five minutes a day to just shut our eyes and breathe good things are bound to happen over time. I enjoy listening to meditations on CD’s because it is very difficult for me to slow down and breathe but having someone instruct me helps a great deal.

Whether or not you suffer from chronic pain or any invisible illness, remember to listen to your heart when your brain can’t make up it’s mind.


I Close My Eyes


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