Some days I have to change up the ways I manage my chronic pain. The best tool for my personal chronic pain is cardio which is usually running because I can bring my daughter and she loves being outside running and watching the world go by. Well this picture is how we started the morning. I was not a happy camper. My ankle is on fire from running too often and last night we went to an amazing birthday party for Kayci’s best friend. The party was held in a place filled with bouncy trampolines for people of all ages. Of course, I could not resist bouncing like a maniac with my daughter and had a blast. My ankle and my mood are paying for it today. This picture is two frustrated girls. I am icing my ankle while my one year old refuses to let go of our Swiffer. She kept bringing me my running shoes not understanding that I definitely could not run, it was mildly painful to walk. I iced my ankle while watching Sesame Street and we took a very short walk to the playground where I was able to let her play and stretch all my muscles to help aid in the healing.

Instead of cardio I was able to find a way to do a forty minute yoga dvd while I allowed my daughter to play with basically anything she wanted. Where there is a will there is a way. Perhaps my ankle is letting me know today I need to slow down. I was able to do yoga and work on breathing exercises while stretching my muscles so that is a good thing for my pain management. Now, I just need to work on my mind and turn this beautiful Saturday into a happy one.

Chronic pain can be such a tricky little devil. One really has to focus on a balancing act people without chronic pain do not have to worry about. Today I have to use a lot of mind over matter as my anxiety is high, Kayci is cranky, and I can’t run it out. Today is a day to work on breathing and letting the little things go. Such as the asparagus Kayci has now thrown all over the kitchen floor.

Life is all about balance for people with or without chronic pain. People with chronic pain know our balance beam is a lot thinner than those without pain.




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