Most people, those with or without chronic pain can relate to this! I find myself getting angry with myself for overthinking every possible aspect and situation in my life from how I am raising my daughter to how I am managing chronic pain to questioning if I was rude to the check out lady at the grocery store. I literally do overthink about my overthinking.

Even when I run or do meditation/yoga sometimes I cannot get out of my head. I think the worst thing we can do is get angry with ourselves for overthinking. I know I need to give myself and my brain a break. I’m sure my mind would be quite thrilled to have a day of Jessica not filling it with worries and stressors that will never even come to fruition. Worse, while I worry and think negative thoughts I catastrophize and start telling myself that anxiety is going to make your chronic pain worse. Its a very bad cycle. Ignorance really is bliss at times, isn’t it?!

Have a great week everyone and try not to overthink too much. It truly is pointless. 95 percent of the things we worry about never end up happening.




One thought on “Overthinking

  1. Since I’ve been practicing mindfulness and meditation I’ve really been do a much better job of not worrying as much, because just like you said, most of the things we tend to worry about never even happen. Live in the moment. One day at a time. If and when something does happen, we can worry about it at that time. We need to use that energy on today. I relate so much to everything you post. I hope you are feeling better than you did yesterday. 🙂

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