YOU have what it Takes!

“You’ve got what it takes. But it will take everything you’ve got!” Oh, I just love this. This is one of the most perfect quotes I have read to date regarding chronic pain or any invisible illness for that matter. Through every challenge I have faced with my battle with chronic pain making a decision to manage it naturally and stop looking for help and stop taking medicine was by far the most difficult decision and task I have ever been asked to do. I do have what it takes, I am living proof but it sure as hell has taken everything I have got. Not being able to go to the medicine cabinet when the pain is so annoying and debilitating takes every ounce of strength and faith I have. Not that there is even anything in the medicine cabinet unless you count Tylenol and Unisom which anyone with severe chronic pain knows is like taking skittles to ease the pain.

It has been a very difficult few days. As many know, emotions and chronic pain are very related. Therefore, when I am sad or going through stressful times my chronic pain rises. I cried a lot yesterday making me feel like I have a terrible hangover today minus the fun last night. I was asleep before nine with a book lying on my stomach. Haha. Things haven’t much improved today but about ten minutes ago I decided to not waste another second thinking negative thoughts. They will come and go throughout the day but its beautiful outside, my daughter is laughing in the background and everything will work out. It always does.


YOU have what it Takes!


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