I Choose Happiness

Most people who are not extremely close to me think that I am the happiest person they have met. I love to laugh. Nothing makes me happier than literally losing my breath from laughing so hard or holding my legs together because I am nervous I will actually pee my pants from my laughter. I smile as often as possible because it feels better than frowning and I truly believe the more you act happy the more happiness will come your way. Life with chronic pain has not ruined my happiness or laughter. It does at times but on a whole I am a happy person but this is a daily choice I make.

I had a rough weekend and yesterday I vowed to have a good week. And ya know what, my circumstances have not changed in 24 hours and I’m still having a difficult time but I have chosen to be happy. We can make that choice. Today did not go as I planned. In fact it went the total opposite of what I had planned and yet I have chosen happiness and I can honestly say I am having a good day.

At any moment during our day we can turn our day around. I believe that with all my heart. I swear yesterday a song came on the radio and I literally thought to myself: “I am sick of being depressed and thinking about the negative things in my life. I have been upset for two days and I’m done. I had my tears. I had my frustration. I thought about my pain enough. That moment I made a conscious choice to be happy and it worked. Happiness is a choice. Try it and if it doesn’t work give it a few hours. I choose happiness today.


I Choose Happiness


4 thoughts on “I Choose Happiness

  1. Lisa Cooper says:

    What I’m wondering is, could you have made that choice two days ago? In other words, did you need to have a good cry in order to find the strength to be happy today?

    • Very good question and to be honest in the moments I was crying I was so wrapped up in being upset that no at that moment I could not just choose happiness. I had to get it all out first. Crying can be very therapeutic

      • Lisa Cooper says:

        That’s good, because my son’s pain has been really bad the last couple of days and I need to have a good cry 😉

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