Just Do It

Not to get all Nike commercial on everyone but ya know this morning was one of those mornings where I wanted no parts of getting out of bed. My daughter was up before five am and I just wanted to lay there and basically be miserable. My ankle still sore from whatever the hell it is sore from but once there was some mild light outside I turned my brain off, forgot the pain, strapped Kayci into the running stroller and took a beautiful morning jog. The music on my ipod put me in the best mood, my heart was beating fast, I was sweating, and hearing Kayci hum to herself just put me in such a good place. My plan had been to sit with Kayci and try and do a yoga dvd or just play with her. The second I did sit down to just play with her my brain was running with every thought possible (mostly negative and most about pain and anxiety.) I took the Nike approach and threw those running shoes on and we were off.

Came home in a great mood and ended up having a terrific day. Sometimes our thoughts just trip everything up and we get literally stuck in our brain. Force your body to move or do something when you get stuck in your head. Even if it is just a ten minute walk.

We alllll think too much! Unfortunately the majority of our thoughts tend to be negative. Stop those thoughts and just go!


Just Do It


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