Definition of Anxiety

What has happened to our world?! No wonder chronic pain is getting worse. More and more thousands of people are diagnosed with chronic pain/anxiety/depression etc than ever before! We live in a world that is Go Go Go. I remember prior to being a stay at home mom, setting my alarm for 4: 50 am then literally looking at the clock for hours worrying A. I would not be able to sleep B. How many hours of sleep I had left C. Is my alarm clock broken???

Then that alarm went off and the moment that buzzing sound hit my ears I was already in a state of worry. Oh my god. I have to get to the gym, take my class, get back in time to shower and pray traffic isn’t bad to get to work in time. The entire drive to work I was on auto pilot (does anyone remember the drive into work once they get there?) I am guessing no….kind of scary right? Once at work I had patients already lining up at my door and corporate calling my phone to ask questions I wasn’t ready to answer yet. Once done my nine to ten hour day at work I drove home looking forward to a glass or three of wine to feel like I could breathe. My chronic pain was out of control, I was barely helping one person at this job, and I was depressed and hating my life. The anxiety made the chronic pain worse which made the anxiety worse and so on.

What kind of life is this? I wasn’t happy. In turn my family was suffering from my unhappiness and unhealthiness and sad to see me no longer managing chronic pain in a healthy manner. Our world has become nuts. I still Go Go Go with my daughter but I cherish time much more now and will never take a job that pays more money while ignoring a job where I can actually take care of myself and others. There is no price tag on happiness and health. I learned that the hard way.


Definition of Anxiety


3 thoughts on “Definition of Anxiety

  1. Not only is my son coping with the pain better when he has it since I began homeschooling him last week, he’s also having a lot more headache-free time. My husband and I finally decided to ignore the “experts” who were telling us, “he has to learn to function with the pain at school.” He’s not quite 13, right now we need to concentrate on trying to fix the source of the problem and find whatever non-drug options help him cope. He can get just as much done in three hours at home as he could in six hours at school. And Dr. Mom is keeping her antennae up to see what exactly does make him anxious and help him learn to look at things a different way so he doesn’t feel so overwhelmed.

      • Lisa Cooper says:

        Thanks, but I can hardly imagine any caring mother not doing anything in her power to give her child a good life. Your posts have given me a lot of food for thought about how to help him minimize the pain and its impact without medication.

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