Everything is Energy

My favorite Albert Einstein quote I have ever read. This quote reminds of my the Law of Attraction. Everything is energy: not philosophy….physics. So how does this affect us as humans? We must put out what we want in return. If we want to be around happy, positive people we must be positive. We attract what we put out. It is just like the line: “Misery loves company.” That too is just energy. If we want to be happy and feel healthy we must surround ourselves around those people.

The greatest part of the Mayo Clinic Pain Rehab Program was the people I was with eight hours a day. Those fifteen people I became extremely close with also had chronic pain. The odd part of us: we were not supposed to talk about our pain. So, here we come in the first day and our first questions to one another are: “what is your chronic pain? What is it caused from? How depressed are you? Ten minutes later our nurses/doctors/leaders tell us the one thing we should not discuss is our pain. The philosophy of the Mayo Clinic PRC is to not focus on the chronic pain. Therefore if we spend the days talking to one another about our pain we will have done nothing but focused all our energy on each other’s pain. Instead, we were encouraged to talk about our lives, goals, dreams, and emotions. Of course with chronic pain comes depression and anxiety and a whole list of dreadful emotions. It was good for us to get that out. It took me a few days to get used to this. I had finally met people who had chronic pain and was being discouraged to talk about the pain. As my social worker and nurse explained endlessly: “Jessica, you have been talking about your pain for over ten years and how has that helped anything. We need to change your thoughts, behaviors and energies.” Turns out they were absolutely correct.

If I am having a bad day and I come home in a shitty mood the energy I am giving off is very contagious. My husband can feel it. My daughter who is only one can feel it and within an hour all three of us seem down. In my heart I want all of us to be having a good evening and we all do possess the power to change the energy in any situation. Its been proven in my home time and time again. Just the other night my husband put on Mumford and Sons and within minutes the three of us were having a dance party.

Life is energy. No, with chronic pain or just life in general sometimes you just need to have a bad day or even bad weeks and in some cases months. But remember that you do have the power to change the energy. If your spouse or friend or anyone is bringing bad energy to a situation try and turn the energy around by just being silly. You do not have the power to change another person’s mood but it is always worth a shot and sometimes works. But you can change your energy. Einstein sure had a lot of wisdom.


Everything is Energy


3 thoughts on “Everything is Energy

  1. Thank you, again, Jessica for another very inspiring post. I love reading your posts every day. I’ve been to the Mayo Clinic and they suggested the Pain Management program, but I live in Kansas and they were in Rochester, Minnesota. I could not afford to stay there, in a hotel, at that and to be away from home for that long. I really wish I could afford something like that. Now, I lost my job and I’m permanently disabled which makes money matters even worse. I’m so glad you had the opportunity and were able to go through that program. Sounds like it did wonders for you and that it really does work. I’m very happy for you and I do understand that you aren’t cured, but you’ve learned how to handle life in a much healthier manner. I’m trying to do this on my own, well with the help of some very good therapists. Have an awesome day.
    Peace and Hugs my friend,
    Tammy 🙂

  2. Jessica ^:*~
    Just a quick thank u ❤
    You are truly what I need to read daily ❤
    I notice I breathe deeply when I read your reflections!!
    & that is one of my best tactics for being easy & breezy 😉

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