Just a Bad Day!

At times when one thing goes wrong I begin thinking of everything wrong in my life. I had a difficult night last night and this morning wasn’t so great either. During my morning run I was so distraught I kept thinking of everything negative in my life. My brain has a mind of its own sometimes. One thing was upsetting me and I allowed that one thing to manifest into everything. I started thinking about everything I could be upset about and everything I did not have instead of focusing on what was going right and everything that I did have. Lack of sleep the past two nights makes everything seem worse and I know that logically but throughout the morning was unable to see past my tears.

Now, home from our errands and of course the playground, I look down at my little baby girl eating her appum (apple) and watching Barney for the millionth time and I smile. I do not have a bad life, its just been a difficult day. And at any given moment I do have the power to turn my day around which is what I am doing as I write this.

Sometimes we all have to give ourselves a break. I’m sure all of us could spend days thinking about what is “wrong” in our life but there is so much that is right! It is just a bad day, not a bad life!


Just a Bad Day!


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