Chronic Pain Advice at it's Best!!!

I can’t tell you how many times people have said to me: “You do not need to work out and run, you are so skinny.” Let me just tell ya people who are skinny really do not like people poi )nting it out. It should just be a rule of thumb: lets not talk to anyone we are not close to about his or her weight….done. All of the people saying this to me had no idea the reason I exercised was not to be skinny. I never exercised prior to managing chronic pain naturally. I do not exercise to be skinny (I did luck out with skinny genes.) I exercise because it makes me feel good inside. Nothing helps my chronic pain and anxiety more than exercise.

Yes, I eat healthy. Yes, I get shit from this from people as well. “Why do you eat such weird stuff??!” For instance I had a juice filled with spinach, ginger, oranges, kale, cucumber, carrots, and celery this morning. It tasted awesome and made me feel beyond refreshed. My daughter and I are enjoying some asparagus and quinoa at lunch. I eat healthy because it makes me feel better. It also tastes pretty damn good. And I am proud to say my one year olds favorite snack is hummus with carrots. Food is there to nourish our bodies, therefore making us feel good inside. I do not always eat well. I love sweets a LOT! To the point that my husband has to hide chocolate if in the house because I will eat it until I am sick. I also like diet Pepsi.

I am working hard to not let negative people into my life. There are a lot of people in my life that doubt my dreams and the things I am working hard at to better myself, my family, and hopefully make my dreams come true. Most people do not understand me and I get that. I have never tried so hard in my life to be the healthiest, most positive person and role model in my life. There are haters everywhere and most of the time I forgive these people because it is more ignorance than anything. However, at times I feel like the loneliest person in the world. I will never stop or give up or give into negative influences.

I am very proud of myself and at how far I have come with my battle with chronic pain. I know I doubt myself too much and am way too hard on myself. Life is so difficult and even more so with chronic pain. The person who wrote this quote was probably not intending it for an audience of people with chronic pain but I think it is some of the best chronic pain advice I have read. Its some of the words and wisdom I try and live by.


Chronic Pain Advice at it’s Best!!!


4 thoughts on “Chronic Pain Advice at it’s Best!!!

  1. Lisa Cooper says:

    How do you know the exercise helps? I mean, does the pain level go down right away or for the whole day, or does it take a long time before you feel the cumulative benefits?

    • Hey Lisa….I started exercising about ten years ago once I learned how to manage my pain without meds etc. It took a long time to learn how to exercise and what was right for me. Your son sees a PT correct? It helps me right away as endorphins are released and gives me more energy and blood gets flowing etc. It is different for everyone especially people with chronic pain so I do not want to say the wrong thing because I never met your son. Even a ten minute walk can make ppl with chronic pain feel better though

  2. Lisa Cooper says:

    Thanks, Jess. My son is not noticing any difference in how he feels now that he exercises more, but the physical therapist showed him that his range of motion is a lot better in his shoulders and neck. He doesn’t like to exercise regularly, so until he comes up with a form of exercise he enjoys, I’m having him do interval training with me three days a week to help build his strength and cardio and hope eventually he’ll notice a difference. We also try to get in a walk two days a week and he has PT stretches he does every day. I can’t say I usually notice any immediate results when I exercise, but I know its keeping me flexible and I believe keeping me generally healthy.

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