You Cannot Always see Someone's Pain

This blog was initially intended for people with chronic pain but I am not just a person who suffers from chronic pain I also have anxiety and other issues that most people in our world today have. Yes, I have a huge scar on my scalp from my brain surgery. I am reminded of this scar each time I get my haircut which I try to only do a couple times a year (I’m not your average girl haha.) No one can see that scar because my long brown hair covers it. Therefore strangers and even some friends have zero clue that I suffer from chronic pain. Just because only hairdressers see that scar on my head does not mean that I am not in pain.

Emotional pain can be even more difficult for people to see. I am usually able to fake a smile and chit chat with people but I kind of suck at lying so usually people who know me know that I am sad or hurting inside. I’m great at faking it till I make it when it comes to chronic pain but not always so much when I am hurting emotionally. I deal with my sadness and anger with tears and rarely raise my voice. But, I have problems holding back tears and I can cry with the best of them. However, most people who see me do not know how I am feeling inside. Emotional scars, especially for women it appears are hard to get rid of. Just always keep in mind when you see someone who you know or do not know no matter how they treat you or how they appear on the outside they may have more scars than you will ever have. Be kind to everyone, you just never know.


You Cannot Always see Someone’s Pain


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