Destination to Be Continued...

“You may not be where you want to be…..but you can look back and Thank God you’re not where you used to be!” THANK YOU Joel Osteen! Ten years ago I was searching endlessly for the cure to my chronic pain. Ten years ago I was drinking way too often with friends to help take the pain away. Ten years ago I was smoking cigarettes. Ten years ago I had no hopes for any happy future: no children, no marriage, no career, no college diploma. I ended up graduating from a college in Denver, Colorado with a 4.0 in Social Work. I became a medical social worker for many years and thought my life was going to be perfect. I had arrived and conquered my pain. Well……this lasted a long time but I fell down again and began searching for that damn non-existent cure for my chronic pain. Two years ago I started going back to doctors and ended up back on pain medication: back to hell, back to hating myself. Following a miscarriage, I got myself off that damn pain medicine that is only a Band Aid that harms more than it helps and did it all on my own. Today, I am a stay at home mother to one, married to my best friend. I am not exactly where I want to be in my life. I have good days and bad days. There is so much more I want to conquer and so many more dreams to fulfill. Most of all I want to better myself and love myself more. I look back to soooo much pain and heartache that I have been through and no I am not nearly where I want to be but I am beyond grateful and proud that I am not where I used to be.


Destination to Be Continued…


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