Overdoing and Chronic Pain

I remember while in one of my pain management groups at the Mayo Clinic a mother asking: “I know from the lessons I have learned here that I have to be careful not to overdo things as I will pay the consequences physically because of my chronic pain. But, what do I do when I am at my son’s hockey playoffs and do not want to miss any of the game? The seats are not comfortable and I know sitting there watching for hours on end will increase my pain level by the end of the day. ” The leader of the group had many suggestions but his suggestion that stuck with me was that sometimes you have to outweigh the pros and cons. If this is a championship game and there is no way you can miss it, then you deal with some pain later in the day.

I did not have children at this time and thought in my head: “Ummmm the hell I would sit through that long of a hockey game, freezing, with the knowledge that I will be in more pain later in the day!” Well, I am a mother now and I would sit through that game if it was my daughter. Now, I get it!

It is a rainy day in New Jersey and as many of my readers know, my daughter and I spend a lot of time outside. She loves being outside and I love doing activities with her. Well today we made plans with friends to go to the Discovery Museum. I planned to stay there for about an hour, two hours tops. In this picture my daughter and I are playing “hospital” and she was having the time of her life. There is no way I wanted to leave as I watched her run from room to room so happy and excited at this new adventure. It was like Disney World! We ended up staying for about four hours. I am feeling it now. I didn’t eat well all day, I lifted too much this morning because we were unable to run and we stayed at the museum a very long time. Although she was happy for the most part, there were minor tantrums and everything that comes with being twenty months of age. I do not regret staying there for four hours. Yes, I am paying for it now but I will never forget today and I have such amazing pictures of the fun my daughter and I had together.

However, I did learn a few things as I have not overdone a day in a while and now it sucks! I know to pack more healthy food even if I plan to stay somewhere only an hour (ya never know!) I know to take it more easy on the work outs I do at home and next time I will take more breaks. Ya live and learn. So much goes into managing chronic pain naturally. I forget at times because I am so schedule oriented how veering from my normal path can change my pain level. I have the tools I need and I learned some good lessons today.

I will look back at this day and remember the fun I had with my one year old daughter. I won’t remember the pain. That much I know! We do not remember days, we remember moments.


Overdoing and Chronic Pain


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