Something Wonderful is Going to Happen.......

Yesterday I posted and asked my readers (including myself) to wake up no matter your life circumstances or how you are feeling and just say out loud: Something Wonderful is Going to Happen! I did my homework….multiple times. We awoke to so much rain that I literally said: “shit” before my legs were out of the bed. Then I remembered what I asked my readers to do so I did the same. The morning sucked….bottom line, just sucked. Kayci wanted to go outside as she is so used to our morning runs or walks and I didn’t blame her but it was a disaster out there. I wanted to stick to my chronic pain program and that is exercising no matter what in the morning. It took about two hours to do a fifty minute yoga dvd because my little girl was just not having it. Tantrum central! It was beyond frustrating. Throughout the exercise I kept saying: Something wonderful is going to happen. After about twenty more tantrums Kayci and I headed out to our produce store as I did need produce but more so had to get out of the house. During the traffic jams on the drive to the produce store I repeated again: Something wonderful is going to happen.

On my drive home from the store I received a text from one of my best friends. She texted me saying: “I just bought us tickets to the Aquarium! I don’t want to hear it. I am treating you and that is that so get ready!” Now, to a lot of people this would not be a big deal. But to me it was huge! I was so excited I called my dad and told him how thoughtful my best friend had been and how excited I was to take Kayci to the aquarium on this rainy day. I only call my dad or anyone for that matter if I’m super excited or super upset. This was something wonderful that happened today. I kept thinking: how am I going to get through this awful, rainy day stuck inside on a huge budget. My friend had not read the post I wrote yesterday but was just being sweet and wanted our kids to hang out. It totally changed my day and my daughter’s day. It may not seem like this huge something wonderful but as this picture shows we had a great time and not only that but I realized just what an amazing friend I have.


Something Wonderful is Going to Happen…….


2 thoughts on “Something Wonderful is Going to Happen…….

  1. When you have chronic pain a small gift from a good friend sure goes a long way! Glad you enjoyed yourself, funny that you visited the aquarium as I’m going to one with my girlfriend tomorrow, absolutely love museum,s, aquariums, parks, and the zoo they’re awesome to get your mind off the pain if you can tolerate the atmosphere.

  2. Carol says:

    I love all of your posts. They are well written and you are truly an inspiration to others.
    This saying is amazing or so powerful. Blessings to you and your family.


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