Laughter is the best Medicine!!!

The first few days at the Mayo Clinic Pain Rehab Center were extremely difficult for me. I was scared, did not believe in their theory, and couldn’t imagine not being on my medicine. I remember two people in my small group who were absolutely hilarious. By the fourth day of my long stay with the pain center I began to laugh. It was the only time I can actually remember not thinking about the pain. I had forgotten how much I loved laughter. I had forgotten up until this point how to laugh. How sad. No doctor ever told me that laugher and humor could help me manage my pain. I gained so much from the Pain Rehab Center but I am just realizing lately that they gave me back my ability to laugh. The two most important things to me: love and laughter. There is much research done on the positive affects of laughter such as: decreased stress, better sleep, weight control, etc. But, I do not need to re-read the research to know these positive affects.

I was just at one of my best friends house and we laughed a lot. The kind of laughter where you fall to the ground and hold you belly and for myself hold my urine from leaking out….lol. I have been known to laugh so hard a little bit of pee would come out. I forgot how much laughter helps me with my pain management. Not only that but when I’m truly tired or depressed laughing with my friends is the best remedy.

I am one of those people who can think of a line from a movie and literally LOL. Just thinking of the movie: The Hangover, I laugh and I have seen it over one hundred times. I also am one of those people who can laugh at myself. Others may not find me funny but I crack myself up. My daughter is also beyond hilarious. Just watching her play with her best friend makes me laugh until tears come out. She is truly funny. Sometimes we have to find our own laughter.

I know sometimes it is impossible to laugh because things just seem so bad at that moment. But, remember that you will laugh again and try and think of what makes you laugh. Whether it be a movie, being silly with friends, or going through old photos. We can all laugh. I think laughter truly is one of the best cures for my pain and anxiety.


Laughter is the best Medicine!!!


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